Grumpy does repairs/ Как Сърдел направи ремонт

is an animated film for children, 8,30min. In the film is used an unique innovative technique - stop-motion animation using sewn cut-outs( each key frame is different cut-out made of fabrics).

dir. Radostina Neykova and Sofiya Ilieva
screenplay by Georgi Merdzhanov, Radostina Neykova 

based on the original story "Grumpy does repairs" by Georgi Merdzhanov
animation: Radostina Neykova, Sofiya Ilieva, Lilyana Stoyanova, Blagoy Kostov
music: Petko Manchev; sound design: Emil Iliev
producer "Audiovisual Orpheus" Inc. with the support of the Bulgarian National Film Center

In an old attic, inside a  rotting wardrobe lives Grumpy (a shapeless ball of dust and lint), who hates beauty, joy and light. An annoying sunbeam keeps disturbing his sleep, so he decides to do some renovations to get rid of all the light.
His renovations have unexpected results, however. 

На един стар таван, в един прогнил гардероб живее Сърделът, вечно сърдит и недоволен, мразещ светлината и слънчевите лъчи. Един досаден слънчев лъч му пречи да спи и той решава да премахне всяка светлина. Резултатът обаче е неочакван.

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